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   EMPIRE GENIUS   1.Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality: Lack of control is an illusion. If you are the creator, all things are under your control. Some people say that control is an illusion but the opposite is the real truth. How can you not be in … Continue reading Genius Blogs


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1.Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality

Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality: Lack of control is an illusion. If you are the creator, all things are under your control. Some people say that control is an illusion but the opposite is the real truth. How can you not be in control when all things are under your control? Realize the aspect of yourself that is divine, your Godhood. God is in control of all things, and God is the Self of all, which is your Higher Self. You are the Higher Self. You create all of your reality. There is no aspect of your reality which you do not create. Therefore you control all… You are not a victim. All power is within and is absolutely under your control. To say that things happen through another cause other than yourself is to say that you are a victim. Nothing happens outside of you. Everything is happening within you. You are Consciousness, and Consciousness encompasses All That Is. Whenever you feel not being in control, you are experiencing an illusion. You created the illusion of not being in control, of not being God. You are the director of the script and can control at will… Mind Power creates and controls reality. Think of Desire-Force as the warm, ardent, fiery, forceful energy, underlying the manifestations of Mind-Power; and of the Will-Power as the cold, keen, strong, directing, controlling projector of the energy.

By fixing these mental images in your mind, you will be better able to manifest the two phases as occasion arises. To create a thing you must want it with a burning desire that allows no denial, backed up by a will that knows no such word as “can’t” or “no.” To live as a powerful creator, you have to banish the illusion once and for all that you are not in control. Because you will always arrive back at the core truth that you are the creator of your reality and that you create all of it. Not being in control makes you feel like a victim. When you focus on what you can do to create what you want, you take back the power. Your intent brings you the knowledge, the awareness and the energy to create what you want. Everything that happens can be traced back to intent… Great That!          Empire Genius.

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2.Building Wealth
There are six ways to become wealthy, and I guarantee you that if you do these six things, your wealth potential is going to go up.
1. <a href=”http://Click Here!“>Have the dedication to build a business and serve people
People must have a work ethic and serve people. If you are not serving people then you will have no source of income. There are two ways to build wealth: a non-zero sum game where you go out and come up with a product, a service or idea and you get paid for it. That’s called a transaction that builds wealth. The other option is buying stocks and shares, and futures which is a zero sum game. However this tactic is akin to gambling and you’re not adding to the economy. Instead it’s where you live off deals in which other people lose money.

This would not work if everyone did that. We need a good percentage of the people producing for other people for the economy to work. A good economy works through people having a worth ethic and helping people. It’s not just enough to create a businesses because to create wealth the business also needs to be efficient and make a profit. In business if you don’t make a profit, there is no wealth. It has to be managed efficiently. You have to save a portion of those profits rather than spending it on consumables so that the money works for you instead. If you keep buying things that go down in value you will never get ahead.

2.Value your saving
If you never save then you’ll have to work your whole life for money. If you begin to save, your money will begin to work for you. People who work for other people, who never save, pay the most taxes and stay broke. People who begin to save, get to a middle class. People who save and then know how to invest and build a fortune, use other people’s money to make the most money and pay the least taxes.
3.Manage your money wisely
I believe that if you manage your money correctly you will get more money to manage. The key is to have a value on money and once you start saving it, it will start growing. Every quarter, stop and write down everything that you are doing. Look at how much time you spend and how much your time makes per hour or minute. See if you can’t shed 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50% of that and hire somebody to release the lower priority things that are burdening you, lowering your self-image and get on with doing what is most inspiring to you that you are more masterful at, that produces more income in less time. Every time you do that, you increase your savings. If you increase your savings every quarter, when you do that exercise, no less than 1%, preferably 10%, the amount you save, will double every two years, minimum. When you create a bigger demand on yourself because of the savings, you attract a bigger supply to yourself.
4.Master the art of investing
Retaining the money you have saved is key. A quote used by famous business magnate Warren Buffet, who advises, “Rule number one with money is don’t lose it. Rule number two: don’t forget rule number one.” An investor is somebody who does enough of the math to calculate that it is going to be in their favour. They are not speculating, they are not gambling, they are making sure that numbers work on their behalf. They are patient, waiting for the right investment, not impulsive and not emotional.
5.Choose an amount of wealth scaled to your vision and dream
If you have a clearly defined goal, then you are more likely to get there. If somebody says I want to live a lifestyle that is worth a million a year and the average return is 6%, that means that they need 16.6 million saved, getting 6% plus five or 6% inflation on top of that to sustain that lifestyle, otherwise it is a fantasy. It is not an arbitrary number; it is a very specific number. People who know where they are, who know exactly what their assets and liabilities are and have a clear goal and a strategy on what it would take to get there, are more likely to get there than people who have a fantasy about what it is going to be, who don’t know where they stand and don’t have a strategy or a motive for fulfilling that strategy.
6.Have a bigger cause
You will accumulate more wealth if you have a bigger cause. Ask yourself what is the benefit, value and service to me of creating a legacy of wealth, acquiring such a fortune that I live a legacy with it, a contribution back to the world?Are these achievements realistic?
Any human being that truly has an ambition for wealth-building can do it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s all on the internet. There is no reason why you can’t learn it. But if you don’t have a value on it you won’t take time to learn it. Money automatically goes to the person who values it the most. People who don’t value money keep spending it and make it disappear. So that’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.            Thanks You. Genius Up! @EMPIREGENIUS

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