Looking for answers about EMPIRE GENIUS?

EMPIRE GENIUS is a royalty free service – this is agreed upon in the terms during sign up http://www.empiregenius.net. Just like @Souldcloud, @Twitter & @NumberOneMusic, EMPIRE GENIUS is a promotional platform for emerging artists so royalties for plays on EmpireGenius.net are waived. We looked into this originally and discovered that difficulties such as data management problems, incredibly low royalty rates ($1 per 10,000 internet plays), and the small percentage of Empire Genius Spotlight Artists that are actually registered meant that we could better serve our artists developing EMPIRE GENIUS “Genius Up!”  to become the best online promotional tool available. These sites mentioned as well as WorldStarHiphop.com cannot provide you the service that you are actually paying for here at EmpireGenius. Here we are allowing you to pay for that direct promotion to the listener and utilize our promotional platform by giving you more than just a front Page spotlight & Earn plays. Specific play reports, real time listener feeds, fan communication, and complete control over your own page and promotional campaign are also included in your Genius Up package. Please have a look at a realistic royalty payout view here @ CD Baby Report

Write any And All FAQ and @ Empiregenius.net will answer them!

Chances are someone smart shares your exact questions, and has found answers here. Browse this MENU session of Frequently Asked Questions for the basics, quick tips, and step-by-step guidance. Because nobody knows it all; there’s a lot.

Music Stream @Spotify                                                             @AppleMusic




2*iTunes: “Genius & Dummies” by GeniusMan Listen Here! 

3*Apple Music: Listen to GeniusMan on @AppleMusic: img_0765Listen Here! 

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