Helping Build Genius Minds Through The Hearts Of Music

 “Helping Build Genius Minds Through The Hearts Of Music!”


Welcome Geniuses!  I am an owner of a personal development music label. You know how people go through life losing touch with themselves? Well what we do at Empire Genius Music is we heal them where it hurt, their brain! We go out our intelligent genius minds to create, record, produce, deveople genius music composition tracks. Which then will allow the people who purchased & Stream Listening to our music see and fall In love with their own reality all over again. Empire Genius music will help the minds of the listener help themselves get back on track of everyday enlighten life by delivering new improved better genius information on a day-to-day basic about improving their life and those around them. All while maintain a clear mind and high level of self-respect for themselves and other who on the road to building a genius transformational reality for themselves.

Thanks Sincerely, CEO @EMPIREGENIUS, Kendall Prescod

Hot New 2 Singles off Official Album:

“Minds Against Minds” By GeniusMan!

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“Genius & Dummies” by GeniusMan⬅️
2.@iTunes“Don’t Judge Books By Its Cover” by GeniusMan⬅️

Debut official Album Presented & officially Release On 3/23/2018 By @EMPIREGENIUS Music Records

“Minds Against Minds” By GeniusMan Album Title Playlists:

1.Minds Against Minds! By GeniusMan

2.Geniusmare Mindset! By GeniusMan

3.Anger & Missing Heart! By GeniusMan

4.Life a Movie! By GeniusMan 

5.Where They Do That At! By GeniusMan 

6.Believe & Receive! By GeniusMan

7.There Great! By GeniusMan 

8.Thank God He Got You! By GeniusMan 

9.Real Genius Shit! By GeniusMan

10.Genius Up! By GeniusMan

11.I Already know! By GeniusMan

12.Think About Bring About! By GeniusMan

13.Genius & Dummies! By GeniusMan

14.If The World Watchin! By GeniusMan

15.Genius real quick! By GeniusMan

Thanks & Enjoy The #GeniusUpMusic and support the #GENIUSUP MOVEMENT!


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