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About:” EMPIRE GENIUS has developed personal development music mp3, and partner with selfhelp authors who have developed DVDs and Books ranging across all 7 areas of life to help you to maximize your awareness and potential so that you can lead a more inspired and empowered life. You deserve to live the life of your dreams and you are certain to find answers to your questions about how to overcome obstacles and empower your life in his wide range or products.

·Music & “Genius Up!” Clothing Brand PRODUCTS:

•Hot 2 Singles Off Album “Minds Against Minds” by GeniusMan


1•Genius Up! Brand


1img_1644-5*Itunes: Genius & Dummies by GeniusMan! 

2*Itunes: “Don’t Be Judging Books By Cover” by Geniusman

3*Spotify: ” Genius & Dummies” by GeniusMan

2*Itunes: “Don’t Be Judging Books By Cover” by Geniusman

·Self Help Products Videos & Books

1*Abundant Mind : Visualization Videos For The Law Of Attraction: * Click Here!

2*Manifestation Miracle – Epic Conversions!: *Click Here!

3*Panic Away – End Anxiety & Panic Attacks. Well-being And Self Help: *Click Here!

4*The Millionaire Switch By America’s #1 Success Coach Jason Capital: *Click Here!

5*Freedom Income Formula – Paradigm Shifting Secrets: *Click Here!

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