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#GeniusUpIndependentMusicArtist Auditions are done online and the submission process can be completed within a few minutes. All genres are accepted including instrumental music. 

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New Up & Coming Houston 10 Independent Music Artists!:

1.“Genius And Dummies” By GeniusMan @AppleMusic

Genius And Dummies By GeniusMan @Spotify

#NowStreamingArtist: @SPOTIFY: GeniusMan⬇️

#NowStreaming @Spotify


Hot By El-Rico @YouTube

•Now Play: “I Go That Hot” @El Rico @YoutTube

3. Blessings By T-Dub * El-Rico * Boobie


4.#NowPlaying @Forevermoreparadise @AppleMusic @YouTube


NowStreaming @ForeverMoreParadise @Spotify


@ToneSxvxge @Spotfy#NowStreaming @ToneSxvxge @SpotifyMusic
Streaming Now! Tone Sxvxge @Spotify

@CrazyHorse @CrazyHorse


J-Boy @YouTubeMusicJ-Boy @YouTubeMusic
#StreamingNow Music Artist: J-Boy @YouTubeMusic.Com


#NowStreaming @AppleMusic @Spotify @Tidal @iHeartRadio#NowStreaming @AppleMusic @Spotify @Tidal @iHeartRadio @AmazonMusic


#StreamingNow Music Artist: Foren Blacc Fy Trikky Dicky X Diaro @YouTubeMusic.Com

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