Music Artists Spotlight Profiles

Top 10 Songs Of Independent Music Artists: “Singles Music Streaming Show Case” @AppleMusic @GoogleMusicPlay @Spotify @AmazonMusic @iTunes @iHeartRadio


1*Judging Books by Its Cover! -By GeniusMan Single GeniusMan Hip-Hop/Rap 2016 @AppleMusic

2*Pushing Weight – Single Rome C, Kendro & GeniusMan Hip-Hop/Rap 2017 @AppleMusic

3*Genius And Dummies By GeniusMan February 26, 2016 Hip-Hop/Rap ℗ 2016 EMPIRE GENIUS RECORDS  @GogglePlayMusic

4*Live It Like a Movie GeniusMan March 16, 2018 Hip-Hop/Rap ℗ 2018 EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC 

5*@GooglePlayMusic Judging Books by Its Cover! 1 GeniusMan August 2, 2016 Hip-Hop/Rap ℗ 2016 EMPIRE GENIUS

6*@Spotify “Live It Like a Movie” By GeniusMan

7*@Spotify “Genius And Dummies By GeniusMan”