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EMPIRE GENIUS, Genius Up Trending, Genius Up!, Music, Spotlighted Independent Artists

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EMPIRE GENIUS, Genius Up Trending, Genius Up!, Music, Spotlighted Independent Artists


Genius Up Trending

The Case For Sauna Bathing Is Stronger Than Ever! By JAMIE DUCHARME

A new research review has plenty of good news for people who love a good sauna session: Studies overwhelmingly suggest that the relaxing habit is also a healthy one.

A paper published Wednesday in Mayo Clinic Proceedings gathered existing findings on Finnish sauna bathing, the practice of spending time in relatively dry rooms heated to between 80 and 100 degrees, interspersed with periods of cooling. The results were culled from more than 70 studies published up through February 2018.

Overall, the research suggests that “sauna bathing, an activity used for the purposes of pleasure, wellness, and relaxation, is linked to a remarkable array of health benefits,” the authors conclude. Here are a few.

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Saunas may improve vascular health

Research suggests that saunas can improve vascular health in a variety of ways, from lowering blood pressure and risk factors for hypertension to reducing bathers’ likelihood of fatal heart disease, stroke and neurological decline. Some studies included in the review did not account for things like reverse causation — the notion that healthier people may be more likely to use saunas, as opposed to saunas making people healthier — but more recent research has suggested that spending time in the sauna can directly affect your blood pressure, vascular function, oxidative stress, inflammation levels and more, according to the paper. In fact, some researchers have drawn comparisons between the benefits drawn from sauna bathing and moderate- or high-intensity exercise.

Saunas can improve respiratory function

Sauna bathing has been shown to enhance lung capacity and function, potentially resulting in improved breathing for people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, according to the paper. Sauna regulars may also have fewer common colds and flus and a lower risk of pneumonia, the study adds, suggesting that sauna bathing may also boost the body’s immune response.

They promote pain relief

Research has shown that people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, report lessened discomfort after spending time in a sauna. When interspersed with cooling periods, sauna stints may also boost the body’s natural painkilling response, according to the paper. Similar results have been observed among people with chronic headaches, the paper says.

Saunas may be good for your mood

Though many people use saunas specifically to reduce stress, research about how they affect mental health is scarce. Nonetheless, the review notes that time in saunas can boost the production of feel-good hormones such as endorphins, possibly leading to stress relief and an improved mood. Thermal therapy in general, though not specifically Finnish saunas, has also been linked with a reduced risk of depression, the review notes.


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NASA Hopes to Make History With Its Latest Mission—to the Sun.

In this handout provided by NASA, The United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket launches NASA’s Parker Solar Probe to touch the Sun from Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 12, 2018 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA—NASA via Getty Images By JEFFREY KLUGER

No spacecraft will ever land on the surface of the sun–it’s a flaming ball of gas that reaches thousands of degrees even in its coolest regions. But a new ship from Earth will fly closer to its fires than ever before in a mission that represents a big development not just for scientists but, potentially, for everyone else.

On Aug. 12, NASA launched a probe that will journey nearly 90 million miles, eventually flying within 3.8 million miles of the sun. The Parker Solar Probe is expected to reach the sun’s outer envelope of fiery gases, known as the corona, several months later, providing new insights not only into our home star but into all stars–which is no small thing, given that the closest star system is an unreachable four light-years away. That’s 24 trillion miles. The sun, just 93 million miles away, is well within our reach.

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That doesn’t mean getting there is easy. Even as NASA probes have sailed past Pluto and out of the solar system entirely, the sun has mostly been a no-go zone. Designing a spacecraft tough enough to take the sun’s thermal punishment has proved difficult–not that that’s stopped astronomers from trying. All the way back in 1958, Eugene Parker–a young physicist at the University of Chicago, whose name the new spacecraft bears–published a paper about what we now call solar wind: the high-speed storms of stellar particles and magnetism that stream from the sun. Ever since his discovery, Parker, now 89, has been campaigning for a close-up mission to the sun. At last the technology is available.

After its launch, the unmanned spacecraft will enter a preliminary solar orbit and then make seven flybys of Venus, using the planet’s gravity to edge closer and closer to the sun. Ultimately, the ship will be so close that it will make a single trip around the sun in just 88 days–a quick trip compared with Earth’s poky 365 days. At its peak speeds, the Parker Solar Probe will move fast enough to get from Philadelphia to Washington in a second.

While temperatures in the corona can reach 1 million°F, the probe will limit itself to regions where things get no hotter than 2,500°F. Still, that’s four times as hot as the melting point of lead–a heavy heat load for a spacecraft that will cost $1.5 billion to build, launch and operate. But a 4.5-in. carbon-composite heat shield will allow the probe’s camera and suite of scientific instruments to operate at a comfortable room temperature.

There are many reasons for the mission that go beyond bragging rights. For starters, scientists may learn why the million-degree coronasphere–which ought to be cooled by its direct contact with space–is up to 100 times as hot as the 10,000°F surface of the sun. Scientists have a number of theories as to why that might be. Some think it’s due to the waves of plasma that rise from the sun and crash back down, causing localized superheating that warms the corona. Others think that sudden realignments in the sun’s magnetism could be the cause. It’s impossible to know for certain, however, until we get up close.

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NASA says the data it collects could also provide insight into the physics of stars at large. Our sun may be special to us, but it’s rather common in the sweep of space; the better we understand how it works, the better we understand all stars of its mass and color.

Perhaps most important is what the probe may reveal about the cause and nature of solar storms, stellar eruptions that can turn solar wind into a solar gale, wreaking havoc far beyond the perimeter of the sun. During solar storms, charged particles streaming through the solar system can disable communications satellites and shut down electrical grids over vast swaths of the planet.

A National Academy of Sciences study revealed that a particularly ferocious storm could cause up to $2 trillion in damage in the U.S. alone and black out the Eastern seaboard for a year. A better understanding of what causes the eruptions might enable us to predict them–and protect ourselves in advance. That could make even a mission with a billion-plus price tag one of NASA’s great bargains.

This appears in the June 12, 2017 issue of TIME.

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The secret of gold is that gold attracts wealth, because gold is the vibration of wealth

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Gold is one of the strangest and most mysterious of all substances in the universe. Gold is said to be the light of the sun materialised in physical form.

The secret of gold is that gold attracts wealth, because gold is the vibration of wealth.

This is EXACTLY why the ancient kings of old used to accumulate and hoard GOLD, because they knew by hoarding and accumulating and mining gold, they would get richer, become even more powerful and prosperous.

Having gold around you, touching gold and immersing yourself in real gold will increase your wealth vibration automatically. It means opportunities, situations and circumstances for wealth making will seem to come to you, almost out of nowhere. By having gold around you, you will start to become luckier and more successful in life.

Always remember that like attracts like. It means that the vibration of gold, will attract MORE GOLD through the law of attraction.

Money In Your Wallet Or Purse Is Not True Wealth And Cannot Attract It

The cash and coins you have in your wallet or purse are just bits of paper and metal. They are “I Owe You” papers  or IOUs for short. These bits of paper DO NOT attract wealth. This is why people who have money or get a monthly wage can sometimes not make ends meet.

The real wealth in gold has been taken out of circulation on purpose and replaced with paper money. That’s because people who know that gold attracts wealth want to have that wealth for themselves. It’s one of the great secrets of the ages and now you know it!

How To Accumulate More Wealth With Gold

First of all, buying gold is cheap. You can get a 1g bar of gold for a few bucks and even gold coins aren’t as much as you think. Keep your gold coins or bars near you at all times. Sometimes you can keep them in a drawer near your bed, or somewhere safe where you work. There are thousands of places where you could keep your gold close by and safe.

Touching the gold regularly is also very important and part of the power of the gold. Spend at least 5-10 minutes every day rubbing your fingers and palm against the gold and letting its vibration soak into yours. Your vibration will change extremely quickly with this.

At the same time, don’t become too obsessed with the gold and carry on your day to day things as normal. Make it a habit to associate with the gold you have automatically, and gradually start to accumulate even more gold. You will see what this does for yourself 🙂

That’s it for now…

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•Artist: Kendall Prescod Aka GeniusMan 

 •Artist: Kendall Prescod Aka GeniusMan
•The name Kendall Prescod, aka GeniusMan who sign to the my own label, EMPIRE GENIUS RECORDS. He was born in Houston Texas, home of some of the greatest MC/rapper of all time. His goal is to help people change the way they look at things in life through Music, so the things in life start to change for the better for their own reality with and through the art of music. By Using his created genius mind and the ability to write genius music lyrics to build greater genius minds, hearts and souls. Some of his inspiration to be a music artist stemmed from overall world events.
•World event that was change through music from some of the greatest MC of all time. MC like 2 PAC, Biggie, Jay z, lil Wayne, Jeezy and many more, etc. These great music artists was teaching him one great thing. That Is. “As you help people get to where they need to go in life with genius understanding, people will always help you get to where you need to be life with Genius Comprehending.” But a lot of people don’t know where they want to go in life, which will sometime prolong a great person on where they need to be in life. So with these great genius lyrics of words Kendall Prescod aka GeniusMan have written out, have done the same thing but more Geniusly through the hearts of music. The music written by GeniusMan have help with the mental and the emotional parts of fans and listener who listens life.
•While allow fans & Listeners of the his music have a better understanding as they develop a genius Comprehending about their own life. Also the world around them. The music is design to take on all topics & subject of everyday personal development of life. Kendall Prescod music dream purpose is to make a huge difference in the world around me by help other build greater, smarter, minds, because through it he believes many lives can be put back on track. One of his overall goals to achieve is the knowledge we taught in college, to one day implant that on the hip-hop & rap genre. Which will help teach the listener smarter genius skill of how to better their educational skill on how to live base on any subject in all fields.
•Sense music able to make life easy to learn through it. With these faster learnable skills, new generation of Kids growing up will know that one day they will take over as some of the future leader of this world, starting from right NOW with having a great genius learnable music platform for mind to develop and design over their life time they have in mind. Also Kendall Prescod Better aka GeniusMan music is designed to help the mind relaxes at any time while helping get to that great place it always wanted to be. To build healthy genius minds for a better life for ourselves, our kids, Kids, and the creator living this earth. Showing that if a person knew genius their do genius.
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Written By Kendall Prescod
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