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[Saturday] Now Is The Time Billionaires Are Made

What are you not seeing?

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Maybe you are staying home to avoid the virus or

the demonstrations over race inequality.

You still have eyes and ears.

Do you watch the evening news, listen to their stories of
loss and gloom and see opportunity?

Do you read articles about lost jobs and ugly politics and
see opportunity?

When a friend or a relative loses their home or business, do
you see opportunity?

It’s there.

I knew a man in Houston who got unbelievably wealthy during

the Great Depression.

Unbelievable because he started 1929 with zero money and

a huge debt and no income.

But he saw opportunity.

He followed his heart and paid off the debt by laundering

shirts for twenty-five cents apiece.

Mortgage holders came to him.

They offered him prime land, houses, apartments, if he’d just

pay off what was left of the debt.

They even extended his payment at zero interest just so they
could get their money back.

In every loss lies a hidden opportunity.

You just have to see it.
If you are not seeing the opportunities, maybe something is
blocking you.

What opportunities would you see with that block

*NowStreaming @SpotifyRadio:
HipHop Artist: GeniusMan

Now is the time billionaires are made.

Clear your garbage, live rich now.

Good Health and Great Adventures,

Tom Pauley

Published By @empiregenius