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#GeniusUpDailyNew!: [Friday] Getting Stay-Home-Crazy? Desperate for Human Contact?

It’s normal our bodies all depend on human contact.

Think about it. The worst punishment a prison
can dispense is solitary confinement.

Our purpose here on this planet at this time is

to grow and learn. Your interaction with other

people creates the lessons you grow from. Without

human connection you stagnate.

You fail to fulfill your life’s purpose.

The storehouses of gold you want in the next

life are the golden attributes like love, patience

and charity you hold in your consciousness.

Because that’s all you can take with you.

I know, I’ve been there.

Use your time avoiding the Coronavirus well.

Connect intimately to millions from the comfort of your easy-

chair without touching a computer or smart phone in about

the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

There are people just like you all over this
world in the same boat as you.

Scared. Bored. Desperate for human contact.

Connect to them.

Facebook helps a little, but not everybody has
FB. Besides it cannot convey the same
intense feeling of caring as you touch their heart.

Imagine how rewarding it is to connect intimately to

your adult children, parents and grandchildren, friends

and family in a meaningful and rewarding way.

Even if it is just to reassure them of your deep abiding

love like no phone call can ever truly accomplish.

Your Quantum Connection is many times more powerful and effective

than anything else you could do because you are drawingon the Source of all power.

Most importantly, your quantum connection leaves you with a

powerful, satisfying internal glow that pushes the gloom of human difficulties completely out of your being.

The best way to help yourself always is to help
someone else.

Stay healthy, socially distant and deeply.


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