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Empire Genius Records delivers the following services to select signed artists:

Once signed with our label and funds have been paid in full…

Empire Genius Records provides a licensed professional photo shoot conducted in Houston Etc.  All final and approved images are property of Empire Genius Records. Empire Genius Records provides premium branded clothing for all photo shoots.  Premium brands consist of Empire Genius Clothing, and GeniusUp! Branding Merchandise Etc.

Empire Genius Records provides monthly studio sessions for music production and recordings only.  Studio sessions are held in Houston and approved by Empire Genius Records.  The Artist must be present for the entirety of each scheduled session or they are assessed a financial penalty.
Empire Genius Records provides regional and national press release distribution promoting the artist worldwide. The artist profile is featured in national magazines, blog sites (#GeniusUpMusic HipHop Weekly, EMPIRE GENIUS, #GeniusUpDailyNews Weekly,, Weekly, LA Times, AllHipHop, E! News, TIME, USA Today, Source Magazine, Billboard, Vlad TV, CNN, BET, MTV and more.)
Empire Genius Records will distribute your video release reaching 100+ city’s and countries.
Empire Genius Records provides a clothing endorsement deal during campaigns. The designer will provide premium clothing for live performances and promotional events.  The designer creates “customize” clothing for the artist which enables licensed branding. The designer provides clothing for a duration of no longer than 6 months and reserves the right to extend or dissolve the endorsement.
Empire Genius Records provides an influencer campaign to assist the artist in promoting their new releases. Up to 10 major influencers will make videos mentioning the new release. Professional writers will create articles complimenting each video and we will distribute the article on 1200+ media outlets.
Empire Genius Records provides bi-weekly media training sessions for each artist (if needed). All media sessions include: radio interview skill sets, live chat session training, public speaking engagements, non-profit event presentations and etc. All media training sessions are mandatory.  
Empire Genius Records Provides Luxury Housing, Transportation, State Of The Art Recording Studios Equipped With In-house Engineers That Provide Quality Production (If Available)
Empire Genius Records provides a listening party event for the finished and approved track for radio distribution. The location of the event is held in Houston or Dallas and all approved media outlets will be in attendance. The event is marketed and advertised on all social media, radio, and television platforms. Empire Genius Records provides and includes rotating banners of the Artist on all licensed EMPIRE GENIUS Media, Networks websites for 6 months. The designated track of the artist will be in rotation on all stations and reach thousands of listeners daily.
Social Media & Digital Services

Empire Genius Records provides stream marketing each month for the designated track.  Empire Genius Records receives 40% of all digital revenue. Empire Genius Records provides millions of views of the designated video release. EMPIRE GENIUS RECORDS provides a completely redesigned website and mobile application for the Artist @  Empire Genius Records provides limited travel expense coverage for specified events. Distribution will take place once the label is satisfied with the product. We will distribute your music physically and digitally to over 1,500 outlets including Amazon, Billboard, iTunes, Spotify & Target.

This campaign is for artists and labels currently signed to EMPIRE GENIUS

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  • Culture of an independent with the leverage of a major

  • Complete Commercial and Consumer Marketing team

  • Boutique environment driven by commitment and hustle

  • Unique ability to access additional services via UMG

  • Transparent structure and relationships

  • Global partnership potential


  • Physical Sales

  • Digital Sales

  • Synch/Licensing

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Channel Development

  • Product Development

  • Sponsorships


  • Consumer Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Digital/Online Marketing

  • Radio Promotion

  • Consumer Analytics

  • Lifestyle Marketing

  • Creative Services

  • Streaming Strategy

  • Complete digital strategy across social networks to create valuable visibility and engagement

Back Office / Supply Chain

  • Royalty Accounting

  • Credit/Collections

  • Physical Manufacturing

  • Production Services

  • Physical Distribution

  • Digital Distribution

  • Digital Encoding

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