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#GeniusUpDailyNews!: 29 ways to market your new album! 

29 ways to market your new album! 

#StreamNow “Step On The Moon” By GeniusMan @AppleMusic

1. Make a lyric video.
2. Create a playlist of artists who influenced the new album.
3. Pin the album as your Artist’s Pick on Spotify.
4. Do a live-stream where you tell stories about your new songs.
5. Share every track through Instagram Stories.
6. Ask fans to share your music or record a testimonial video. 

#NowStreaming @AppleMusic “Don’t Judge Books By It Cover” By GeniusMan

7. Write a press release and send it to your local papers, weeklies, and blogs.
8. Submit for playlist consideration at Spotify for Artists.
9. Upload lyrics to Musixmatch so you can create lyric snippets in IG Stories.
10. Host a Twitter “listening party.”
11. Pitch your best song to playlist curators.
12. Run a Spotify audio ad.
13. Create a banner ad to target new fans on sites like Pitchfork, Billboard, MTV, etc.
14. Play your album from start to finish at your next show.
15. Create a campaign to boost your social or Spotify following.
16. Go live on Instagram and play a stripped-down version of your favorite song.
17. Shoot an official music video.
18. Record an audio message for your listeners via Pandora AMP.
19. Use the top section of your YouTube channel to feature album content.
20. Update your website and bio.
21. Submit your music to your favorite music podcast.
22. Build a smart-link to make it easier for fans to find your music.
23. Repurpose your cover artwork for social banners, avatars, or even merch!
24. Add Question Stickers to your Stories to get fan feedback.
25. Run a remix contest (provide stems!)
26. Release a karaoke version of the album for fans.
27. Show us the tools you used to record the album in a “rig-rundown” video.
28. Make sheet music or chord charts.
29. Send a series of emails taking listeners behind-the-scenes.

That’s a hefty to-do list, but your music deserves the effort, right?