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#GeniusUpDailyNews!: The penny that brings you Thousands of Dollars.

Are you finding pennies, quarters or dollars, #GeniusUp! Subscribers?

The 5 Hidden Laws Of Manifestation : #2 

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of finding pennies?

I was shocked when I asked my friend and manifestation expert Croix Sather what this means. Here is what he said …

Anytime that you find money, you might be attracting wealth and you might be attracting money struggles.

Whats the difference? 

Most people repel money when they see a penny. They step over the coin thinking, “It’s just a penny.” At a sub-conscious level you are vibrating, “Money stay away from me.”

What does the universe see in your actions? The universe is saying, “Hey, if you won’t pick up a penny, then why should I send you hundreds, or thousands?”

You are actually sending a clear signal out to the universe, “Don’t send me money.”

What if the universe is testing you to see if you are grateful for even a little penny?

What if you saw five $20 bills on the ground, would you pick that up? I bet pretty fast. That’s what I did when I found $100 (in 20s) in the cross walk. Or the time I found $60 in a store. Or the time I made $25,000 in a week for a few hours of work because I said yes to an opportunity.

Friends make fun of me for picking up a penny, rubbing it, admire it, and then then say “Thank you!” But that’s okay. They can laugh, because I know that penny, nickel, dime or quarter is the vibrationally connected to $20’s, $100s, and even tens of thousands.

It is not “just a penny” to the universe. It’s about the vibration of money.

It doesn’t matter if it is a penny or hundreds or thousands of dollars. The universe is putting money in front of you all the time.


Sometimes it’s cash, sometimes it is an opportunity, sometimes it’s a discount, or a friend buying you dinner. Money is everywhere if you are vibrating in the abundance frequency.

Always say yes to any amount of money with gratitude.

Here is the secret about pennies.

Pick up the penny (or any other money you find), rub it between your fingers and say “thank you” to the universe. And then the important part is to pay it forward in gratitude. You must circulate the money to increase its flow. 

Buy a homeless person a coffee. Donate money to a cause that inspires you. Or use money in a way that is helps your financial future, like pay money towards an old or overdue bill.

“But Croix, a penny isn’t going to buy a coffee or pay off a bill.” You’re right it won’t. But let that penny be your inspiration to make a difference. Find a penny buy a coffee for someone. Find a penny, pay $100 towards your overdue bill. Don’t analyze it, don’t ask why, just do it.

Your action after finding a penny will signal the universe that you are in a vibration of abundance. The more you do this, the more money will flow into your life.


Most people don’t know this secret, but when you align the vibrational mind with what you truly want, the manifestation process happens soooo much faster.

We have a message from our friend Croix himself, that reveals this concept deeper <<– Click there

It’s all about vibrating so that you attract money and NOT repel it. You’ll discover what to stop doing and what to do to increase your financial abundance blueprint.

Your untold wealth that starts with a penny,

The Limitless Success Team


Croix is amazing at teaching people to manifest money, happiness, love and an amazing life Don’t miss this

It won’t stay up forever.


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