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#GeniusUpDailyNews!: The remarkable impact of self-improvement in your life

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As we grow, we eventually come to the realization that there is no blueprint for us to follow in life. We realize that no one is going to hold our hands and tell us how to go about things. In time, life’s struggles catch up with us and often leave us feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Yes, you will feel this way and it’s not your fault. You just need to develop the necessary skills and attitude to help you control your life and not the other way around. Self-improvement is the deliberate development of self to bring out your capabilities and potential. It makes you more aware of yourself; your inhibitions, likes, dislikes, and belief systems. It is the place to start from, so as to mature into a wholesome individual that is more conscious.

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Self-improvement has been part of human culture for millennia. Modern self-improvement derives influences from Ancient Greek philosophy, existentialism, religion, hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, and humanistic psychology. It is now more alive today than ever before because let’s face it; life today is a lot different from that of our forefathers. Today, technology has afforded us something that they could not even conceive; luxury. Our social ties, however, have taken a hit. The average person has more ‘friends’ on social media than they could ever have in real life. This constant state of being alone has ensured that we lack the growth that comes in being within a community.

While it may not be feasible to live like our ancestors; learning how to thrive in the world is. Here are some of the popular concepts in self-improvement that you will come across on your journey:

You are responsible for the direction your life takes. People on the path of self-improvement understand that there are consequences to every action that they take. They realize that they can only hold themselves accountable for their decisions.

You need to know what you want from life. Many people wander through life aimlessly. However, you need to know what you want from life before you can achieve it.

Short-term sacrifices often lead to long-term benefits. Actively trying to change your life is not easy. You will have to go through the initial discomfort first since you are attempting to go against everything that essentially defines who you are at the moment. This will take a lot of sacrifice on your part but ultimately, the long-term rewards of who you become will be worth the effort.

You are always evolving. Fact of the matter is whether you are keen on self-improvement or not, you are always changing. You have to play an active role in ensuring that you are in firm control of your destiny.

Our thoughts matter. Often, we tend to think that our thoughts are abstract and inconsequential; they’re not. How you think will determine how you act. The actions you take thereafter will determine what you achieve out of life.

Your habits have a strong influence.The same way your thoughts influence your actions is how our habits determine the kind of life that we lead. After all, the famous quote goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” To change your habits is to change your life.

NowStreaming HipHop Artist: GeniusMan

Exercise the power of now. You do not live in your past and neither are you in your future. However, you have control of the present. The more you dominate the present time, the more you build your character.

Learn from your mistakes. Wallowing over the poor decisions you made in the past isn’t going to change a thing. Accepting that you are flawed and actively working towards correcting them will prepare you for the future.

Practice optimism. Life will not always be a beautiful walk in the park. We do not know what lies ahead of us but if you remain optimistic, and act in ways that fuel that fire, good tidings are more than likely going to come from it.

Self-improvement is the key to making your life better. Here are some of the reasons why you need to develop yourself:

You get to understand yourself better. More often than not, we never question how much we know ourselves. Many people go through the motions of life reacting to events. This is damaging because you never know what you stand for and what you want. When you get to understand yourself, decisions become a lot easier to make. You will not be bombarded by emotions when a certain thing happens because you know who you are and what you want. Any decision that you make will be satisfying to you because you know that is what you are comfortable with regardless of what anyone else may think or say. You need to perform a self-analysis and become aware of your strengths and shortcomings. What you like and what you do not like. Observe how you react to things, your mood, and how these things affect your state of mind. Actively work towards changing what you don’t like about yourself and growing the traits that you like.

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You get a step further to discovering your purpose. Not all of us are born knowing what our calling is in life. Understanding who you are will allow you to sort through the clutter much faster.

Helps you in creating your goals. When you understand yourself and have an inclination of what your life’s purpose is, you are more apt to make better decisions. This will involve setting appropriate goals and having a strategy for achieving them. Creating goals is a powerful mechanism for determining how you want your future to be like. Dream of the future you want. Do not be afraid of how crazy it may sound. The next step is to break it down to smaller specific goals. Every time you achieve a goal you have set, celebrate and jump onto the next one. They will greatly build your self-confidence to a point where nothing will seem too big for you.

Helps you manage your time more effectively. Time; you can either invest it or waste it. When you are actively seeking out your life’s purpose, you precisely know what you want. You know where to direct your focus. You will then be able to spot distractions that would have otherwise led you astray. Effectively managing time is a skill that makes you more productive and content. The secret to efficient time management is to always plan your day, week and even months in advance so that you do not fall into temptations. Spending time with your family is not wasting it so you have to plan for that too.

You are able to handle stress. When you are finally under the realization that you are responsible for your life, that your thoughts and emotions are under your control; stress will be more manageable. Every obstacle that you come across will be viewed as a problem to be solved rather than something to worry about. This is the basis of personal development; to be bigger than your problems.


You build better relationships. Many times, our insecurities are what prevent us from seeing the beauty in others. We are afraid that what we think about ourselves is what they see in us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you understand yourself better and you are comfortable with whom you are, you are able to understand others better. You realize that everyone has their insecurities and fears and you become more accommodating to them. Loving yourself is fundamental to being able to love others.

You live a balanced life. Self-development encompasses all areas of your being. This includes your emotional, mental and physical aspects of your life. This path allows you to improve on all these aspects. The attainment of the goals that you set on those individual aspects will ensure that you lead a fulfilling and happy life.

The above seven reasons are why self-development is so important into transforming to a healthy and successful individual. But what are the steps that you take so as to becoming the best version of yourself?


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