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#GeniusUpDailyNews!: 10 Most Powerful Affirmations

Did you know that visualization isn’t just for 
LOA buffs like you or I, but is also used 
extensively by world famous athletes?!

Michael Phelps is the perfect example.

He’s not only the most decorated Olympian 
in history, he’s one of the most talked about 
athletes in the world…

And he publicly attributes much of his success 
to visualization. 

Phelps claims to have learned the power of 
“mind training” from his coach Bob Bowman 
when he was only 7 years old. Every night 
before he goes to sleep, Phelps has said he 
watches a “mental videotape” of himself 
swimming the perfect race, so he’s 100%
prepared for the real thing. 

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So after watching the Olympics this week and 
learning how so many athletes got there using 
visualization, I was inspired to share with you 10 of my favorite, most effective affirmations, 
so you can magnify the power of your visualization 
to achieve what you want most in life!

Here goes…

1) I am successful
2) My life is filled with abundance
3) Every cell in my body vibrates with energy 
and health
4) I am worthy of love 
5) I easily manifest my dreams 
6) I am calm and relaxed in every situation 
7) I can achieve anything I desire 
8) My potential is limitless
9) I achieve my goals effortlessly 
10) I radiate love and happiness..

Now…I’ve got a question for you. Are you up for 
a challenge?

Over the weekend I encourage you to apply one 
(or more!) of these affirmations to your goals. 

Have a #GeniusUp weekend, 


P.S. If you know someone who would enjoy this 
message I encourage you to share it with them 🙂