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Empire Genius Presents Music Artist: GeniusMan!

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#GeniusMan #GeniusUpMusic #EMPIREGENIUS #GeniusUpMusic! Artist: GeniusMan

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The name Kendall Prescod, aka GeniusMan who sign to the label, EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC. He was born in Houston Texas, home of some of the greatest MC/rapper of all time. Some of his goals are to help as many people change the way their are looking at the things in their own life through heart the Music, so the things in life start to change for the better for them with the art of music. Using his created #GeniusUp! mind and the ability to write #geniusup music to build greater genius minds, hearts and souls. Some of his inspiration to be a music artist stemmed from world events. World event that was change through music from some of the greatest MC of all time. MC like 2 PAC, Biggie, Jay z, lil Wayne, Jeezy and many more, etc.

“Step On The Moon By GeniusMan” #NowStreaming“StepOnTheMoon By GeniusMan @AppleMusic” #GeniusUpMusic!

These great rapper was teaching him one great thing. That Is. “When you help A Person get to where they need to go in life with #GeniusUp information, A Person will always help you get to where you need to be in life.” But a lot of people don’t know or get stuck on where they want to go in #life, and it will sometime prolong a #person on where they need to be in #life. So with the great #geniusup lyrics of words he have written is doing the same thing but greater through the #heartsofmusic. His #JustDoIt  music is to #help with the #mental and the #emotional parts of #life. So people can have a #better understanding about their life and the world around them. The music is design to take on all subject about life. His #music dream purpose is to make a huge difference in the world around me. Helping build greater, smarter, minds because through it many lives can be put back on track. #Kids growing up will know that one day they will take over as some of the future leader of this #world, starting from right NOW with having a great genius #mind. Also his #music help the #brain get to that great place it always wanted to be. To build genius minds for a better life for ourselves and our kids and the people living this earth. Showing that if a person knew #genius their do #genius. Thanks For Reading

Written & Published @EMPIRE GENIUS #GeniusUpMusic

You can purchase #GeniusMan new single “Don’t Judging Books by Cover!” on @iTunes now or stream it on @Spotify

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#NowStreaming On @Spotify


2*iTunes: “Genius & Dummies” by #GeniusMan Listen Here! 

3*Apple Music: Listen to #GeniusMan on @AppleMusic: Listen Here! 

4*iTunes “Don’t Judge Books By Cover!” by GeniusMan

Judging Books by Its Cover! – Single by #GeniusMan on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Judging Books by Its Cover! – Single, including “Judging Books by Its Cover!.” Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with @AppleMusic subscription.

5*Google Play:  “Genius & Dummies!” By #GeniusMan Listen Here! 

6*Google Play: “Don’t Judge Books By Its Cover!” by #GeniusMan Listen Here!

9*New Album Comings Soon!: * “Minds Against Minds” by GeniusMan 
Album Title List:
1. #Minds Against Minds!
2. #Geniusmare Mindset!
3. #Anger & Missing Heart!
4. #Life a Movie
5. #Where They Do That At!
6. #Believe & Receive!
7. #There Great!
8. #Thank God He Got You!
9. #Real Genius Shit
10. #Genius Up
11. #I Already know!
12. #Think About Bring About!
13. #Genius & Dummies
14. #If The World Watchin!
15. #Genius real quick



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Reviewed by T-LOC DA KINGPIN Advanced
United States, Missouri, St.louis

Great song

Reviewed by Chi Town Guttaman PRO
United States, Illinois, Chicago

Your misoc

Reviewed by Lucky4rmTheH Advanced
United States, Texas, Houston


Reviewed by CERTIFIED WAYZ Beginner
United States, Arkansas, TEXARKANA

Sounds good keep doing what you doing B that good music

Reviewed by Big Jac Beginner
United States, Michigan, Grand Rapids/Bridgeport, CT

Nice track

Reviewed by Breezy Kokaine Beginner
United States, New York, Buffalo


Reviewed by Yayo Advanced
United States, Oregon, Portland

Live life like a Movie

Reviewed by Kelo Da Don Advanced
United States, Tennessee, Murfreesboro

Shit is dope

Reviewed by ColdFlo Beginner
United States, Alaska, Anchorage

Good stuff

Reviewed by Joey Pabon Beginner
United States, Florida, Kissimmee

Review by Z

This is only a review. None of my words should be taken to heart. Just consider it constructive criticism. From listening to your music it sounds like your from down south. I am to. So i like your accent. I like how yoy switched up the flows. Your delivery is strong and sound confident. I say work on your hooks. Sound more relaxed. It sound like you rushing like not enuff studio time. Ur barz go hard Sir. On the hook slow it down with your words. Pronunciate the words. Cuz i understand the hook but people from other places might not. But u dnt have to. The way you sound and use words different cuz u from da south. Keep up da work Sir. Have a nice day keep it up.


Reviewed by Zoë Tymes Beginner
United States, Arkansas, Little rock


dope dope dope dope dope dope dope dope great Great work, dope sound, Keep working no matter what’s going on you might become a greatest artist ever. Making music is not easy but if you have faith and hope that you gonna do it, you will do it. Talent like yours need be heard by the world so keep working, Keep walking, your dreams will come true. I wanna see you on billboard some day and on tv. DON’T EVER STOP DOING MUSIC Bless up Hope


United States, California, Los Angeles

Live Life Like A Movie *By GeniusMan @AppleMusic Review

This track is nice. It has a nice trap/hip hop beat. Vocals and lyrics are nice as well. The transitions and vocals remained in sync and on tempo Noting negative to add. Good work. This track has the potentials for moving up the chart.

Reviewed by LowescompanymusicproductionsPRO
United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Nice work

Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can’t shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.

Reviewed by F.O.E. (Family Ova Errthang) PRO
United States, Indiana, Worldwide

Network Networks

Hey fam, just touching bases in the form of hiphop music video productions. My name is Splitendz the PROFIT here in Los Angeles Ca and I’m number two in hiphop charts. I’ve recently uploaded a music video titled GANGBANGIN and PIMPIN REMIX which is perfect for this season due to the original sound of Jazz Hop tracks. People are going to be tripping off of it because it’s no hoes pimps or gangs in it. Lol

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