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JustGeniusUp!: Hitting On Women’s

You Man Who Think You So Genius In Doing Business That You Beating On your Women Cause she rub you the wrong way in how she play, don’t lose your life time be her or anyone done lost their mind at that moment in time where their emotional blind to the great if fake time y’all had in mind. Need to #JustGeniusUp In A Great Smart way at that moment of the day that’s she or anyone who want the whole game they way on your day. Just when they start hitting have a pair Of handcuffs and depending of the pain their cause you with physical pain rather digital Physical if not spirit brain, hold them down and arrest and have them call the police to come get them while you wait there with them to tell them the story. Rather then putting your Or somebody else life on the line for a moment in time where this person not using their emotional minds and remember at this moment in time, Do to others as you want done to yourself even without knowing a lot of people don’t know what to be done to self to know how to Practice on others you know how I know you can look at their show as you grow more by what you know to show. #GeniusUp #KendallPrescod