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A Beautiful Genius Up! Beast! @EMPIREGENIUS

Just Genius Up! MemesI hate when see don’t wanna understand, then she starts putting up the walls and then it me who she ban, I Never Ever to much only depend on a women, cuz it really just me myself and I, which is it all my favor fan. She got my heart beating like a band. She help me help her transform into a genius women, while myself help made me a GeniusMan. Love is like playing in the sand while digging ourselves into holes when we see it eventually about to end. We healthy glad that we becoming genius lover and genius friend With her pretty development of a smile a she see my Genius gran. You know I have to have her apart of the #GeniusUp! plans, because if I don’t she’s like “For Get Me Then!” Then We End Up when we sheets as I consider her my beauty as she consider me her beast.

To be continued……

Written and published by @EMPIREGENIUS


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