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#GeniusUpDailyNews!: The secret of gold is that gold attracts wealth, because gold is the vibration of wealth

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Gold is one of the strangest and most mysterious of all substances in the universe. Gold is said to be the light of the sun materialised in physical form.

The secret of gold is that gold attracts wealth, because gold is the vibration of wealth.

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This is EXACTLY why the ancient kings of old used to accumulate and hoard GOLD, because they knew by hoarding and accumulating and mining gold, they would get richer, become even more powerful and prosperous.

Having gold around you, touching gold and immersing yourself in real gold will increase your wealth vibration automatically. It means opportunities, situations and circumstances for wealth making will seem to come to you, almost out of nowhere. By having gold around you, you will start to become luckier and more successful in life.

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Always remember that like attracts like. It means that the vibration of gold, will attract MORE GOLD through the law of attraction.

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Money In Your Wallet Or Purse Is Not True Wealth And Cannot Attract It

The cash and coins you have in your wallet or purse are just bits of paper and metal. They are “I Owe You” papers  or IOUs for short. These bits of paper DO NOT attract wealth. This is why people who have money or get a monthly wage can sometimes not make ends meet.

The real wealth in gold has been taken out of circulation on purpose and replaced with paper money. That’s because people who know that gold attracts wealth want to have that wealth for themselves. It’s one of the great secrets of the ages and now you know it!

How To Accumulate More Wealth With Gold

First of all, buying gold is cheap. You can get a 1g bar of gold for a few bucks and even gold coins aren’t as much as you think. Keep your gold coins or bars near you at all times. Sometimes you can keep them in a drawer near your bed, or somewhere safe where you work. There are thousands of places where you could keep your gold close by and safe.

Touching the gold regularly is also very important and part of the power of the gold. Spend at least 5-10 minutes every day rubbing your fingers and palm against the gold and letting its vibration soak into yours. Your vibration will change extremely quickly with this.

At the same time, don’t become too obsessed with the gold and carry on your day to day things as normal. Make it a habit to associate with the gold you have automatically, and gradually start to accumulate even more gold. You will see what this does for yourself 🙂

That’s it for now…

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