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Next To Genius Up Tour!

NewToGeniusUpTour will be in Houston on  picking five artists to perform at our Next Genius Up $1000 paid tour competition All artist get a 5 minutes set to audition, and if you can bring 10 guests to the audition we will give you a 15 minute set on stage and a free slot on our Hot 20 Spotlight Music list. The day of the audition the club charge’s everyone $20 to enter and it’s free to perform. If you ’d like to move forward text Houston to 337-707-6301 to lock in a slot and get more info.
Here a Past winner Hit Single @AppleMusic @Spotify
1. Will be paid $1000 to perform on one of our Tours
2. You will get all the footage of the tour
3. A music video
4. You will get a radio commercial
5. You get a live sit-down radio interview
6. You get to perform a 12 min set at the tour club
7. Your song will be played for a week before you get on the tour to promo you to the area
8. We will found you Opening Acts for your shows
9. 4 Hour of Studio Time
10. We will increase your YouTube video by 50,000 to help us promote you
11. All your and Travel & Hotel include
12. Recording of your performance at the shows
13. You get a video guy who will follow and record everything you do on your tour
14. We will get you a One on One with Universal Music Group
15. Hard copy flyers, business cards, and posters for the Tour
16. You will get Tee Shirts and pens with your Like’s to be sold at the Merchandise Table
17. Digital Flyer for the event featuring you
Please check us out at