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Reviewing at EMPIRE GENIUS
We at EMPIRE GENIUS encourage all our members to become a reviewer. Writing reviews on other artist’s work brings the opportunity to earn Genius Stars which can be exchanged for your own future promotions at EMPIRE GENIUS.

How it works:
Tell us what type of music you enjoy by selecting a “genre(s)”. Please put your best effort in to write insightful comments. Written reviews are required to earn Genius Stars for your band. Your review will receive a rating.

How will my written review be “rated”?
To maintain a high quality of written reviews, we have a review-rating system in place. Rating is not used to judge you on your opinions or tastes, instead our Genius Up Team will grade how much effort you put into writing about your opinions and tastes in your review.

The band member whose music you reviewed will also answer the following question “How helpful was this review?”
Length matters! Short reviews will receive an extra-low rating if they rate poorly on the question above; and long reviews will receive an extra-high rating if they rate well on the question above.
Poor reviewers will lose privileges!
We’ll keep track of your overall performance in the form of your average reviewer rating.
Insincere flattery won’t help your reviewer rating. Why? The band member’s responses make up only the minority of the grade so the majority of it is based on whether you’ve written a sophisticated review that offers constructive and insightful opinions on specific aspects of the song. Avoid being insulting, but be as critical as you like, some of the most critical reviews are the best-rated.
However, please resist making cheap shots – remember, even if you think the track is no good, the musician has invested time or money to post it here. Always try to present constructive criticism as well — think about how the song could be improved, and what you would do if you were the musician.
No profanity or overtly abusive language please.
Write 50-70 words or more.
The system gives bonus point to longer reviews if they are rated well by the readers. Listen carefully and think before you write. Put your heart into it and take care to write something insightful.
Lastly, no band member is allowed to review his or her own song.