21 Savage Says ‘All These Atlanta Rappers Some B*tch Ass N***as’

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During an Instagram Live session on Thursday night, 21 Savage voiced his strong opinions about Atlanta rappers. The condemnation lasted for several minutes and included 21 calling other rappers from the city “bitch ass n***as” and criticizing them for being materialistic. 21 Savage, who is from Atlanta himself, certainly had some strong opinions, but he didn’t name any names.

Full) 21 Savage calls every Atlanta rapper ‘hoes’ Migos Future young thug lil yachty gunna ti etc

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“To keep it all the way one thousand, bruh, all these Atlanta rappers some bitch ass n***as,” he told the camera. “I say that in the humblest way. You n***as some bitches, man. I’m tired of this shit.”

“I done seen some shit in these past couple months that I’ve never seen in my life. What do y’all n***as stand for?” the rapper continued. “Do ya’ll n***as have any type of morals or codes about the way y’all live? It’s like y’all n***as don’t give a fuck about nothin’ but Balenciaga shoes. That’s all y’all n***as care about. Balenciaga shoes, nice cars, and a motherfucking condo.”

The materialistic angle of 21’s criticism is in line with at least some of his recent choices. Back in February, he announced he would no longer wear jewelry, choosing instead to spend his money on business investments, cryptocurrency, and real estate.

He further explained the decision to Vogue, saying there are several reasons behind his decision to stop buying bling. “One is because everybody wears jewelry. I outgrew it; I’m getting a little wiser and growing,” he said. “Another reason is because the richest people that I’ve ever met in my life, they’ve never had on jewelry. Ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.”

In other news, witnesses at a pool party held earlier this week in Atlanta accused 21 Savage of pulling out a gun during a fight involving a woman “in Savage’s circle.” No shots were fired, and so far no arrests have been made.

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