With BRAND NEW products, memberships services, and an FB Ads we Genius Up!

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With a BRAND NEW product and membership, and an FB Ads spend of $181.48, Empire Genius had 83 new members and generated a whopping $3,478 recurring monthly revenue (that’s over $40,000 per year!) with just one launch.

He then took that to over $12,000/mo in recurring revenue in the next four months.

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Empire Genius owner was a burnt out self help personal development  Media Manager & Public Speaker charging way too little and working way too hard (sound familiar?)

Wanting to be a personal brand, he, like most of us, was first afraid to BE HIMSELF.

What will people think about me?

Am I deserving of success?

Is my stuff good enough?

We’ve all felt that way before… right?

But he then had a decision to make… let his circumstances continue to run his life or take responsibility for the actions he’d taken to get to this point.

And now, his business is designed in a way in which he makes MORE (money!) while working LESS (hours!).

Giving him FREEDOM to live a lifestyle of his own choosing.

He’s finally able to say, “I have the opportunity to fully experience my life, in ways I didn’t have before and didn’t think was possible, in ways my parents were never able to experience.”

I’m HONORED to call him a member of Business By Design, PROUD he’s been able to create the business and lifestyle he once thought was impossible, and GRATEFUL to be able to share his story with you…