Founder & Owner Story Of EMPIRE GENIUS




The initial reason us at EMPIRE GENIUS started our journey through music was to incorporate a better way of thinking to make people feel good about what they listen to. In the hopes of becoming a genius person in life. I founded the Empire Genius Music group on Dec,13,2011 since then I have maintained a level of purity that transcends the normal methods of creating music. One of my goals is to compete in many different genres of music to share what I’ve learned over the years, because I feel there is a need for a type of music that will brighten lives and not destroy them. As I look into the mainstream market I see a lot of repetition happening, I think this is due to the false inclination that you have to be extra hard, have a lot

of women and be in a domineering role. It’s wild to me that many rapper’s adopt these characteristics an fall astray from originality which was the basis of being a artist. Now they have secret societies that are harboring certain demographics of artist and filling the airways with not-so-good music. We at the Empire Genius Music Group offer a array of fresh music that will be the spark for a new era of musical interest, also many diverse manner’s to build the creative spirit to produce music. The world we live in is full of change which drives an individuals to create new things and work for a cause that will change lives, given the different backgrounds people come from. Our vision is to give a person a means to turn the lights switch on and see pass the veil of insecurities and falsehood that the world projects. We are based in Houston TX and plan to expand throughout the United States then reach the universal markets to showcase our talents. As creators we are open to all forms of music and collaborative efforts from all groups  or individuals that want to change the norm and dive into the unknown.

Sincerely, Kendall Prescod

Written & Published By @EMPIREGENIUS