6 Genius Forms Of Health Riches For Keeping My mind genius and great.

1.Sound Health✅
2.Peace of genius mind✅
3.A label of love of own choice✅
4. Freedom From Fear & Worry✅
5. A positive Mental Mind✅
6. Martial Riches Of My Own Choice ✅
✅2.MASTER MIND: Partner with others!
✅3.GOING THE EXTRA MILES/doing a great service for other-directed!
4.APPLY FATH/ •know what I want and belief, I believe!
✅•Be GREATFUL for everything that I want even if it hadn’t come YET!
✅•Keep my heart open for the hunch from with in, and take action!
✅When defeat come it a test to keep going!
✅•I have a burning desire for what I ask for.
✅• I reap what I plant. FATH is my power-believe and I will receive!
✅5.Pleasing great personality: to me and other!
✅•great mental adittude!
✅•Felixablitte of my attitude!
✅•control my emotions with other!
✅•be kind!
✅•Habit to drop: *Running off talking over when speaking to other!
✅•Not listening when other are speaking
✅•stay on people level that they understand
✅•no envy
✅•habit to keep: Dress to impress and value self more
✅6.self control over my emotion: think before you talk!
•Treat other how you want to be treated✅
•Control my feelings✅
• emotion of sex✅
• eat heath while fasting and exercising ✅
✅7.start everyday FEELING GREAT
✅8.astesenasum having fun at all time
Published By Empire Genius