Proctor Gallagher Institute

Hi Kendall,

There’s nothing in the world like owning a business that you love…

You can help make people’s lives better, control your own time, make money, and grow into your potential.

While wanting to start a business is a common desire, most people don’t act on it for at least one of the following reasons:

1 Time

2 Money

3 No Network

4 No Product (or Service)

5 No Training or Resources

I can’t imagine how many wonderful business ideas never see the light of day because of one of those reasons.

So, I would like to talk to you about an opportunity that addresses every one of those issues. 

This business:

• Gives you the freedom to choose the amount of time you want to put into it.

• Requires only a small investment to get started.

• Offers an extraordinary product that helps people grow and build the life they truly want.

• Offers mentoring to guide you through every aspect of building your business, including sales and creating a network of people who are excited to work with you.

• Provides a comprehensive training and an extensive library of resources that allow you to earn as you learn.

If you’re serious about having your own business and helping people grow, we’d like to talk to you about this opportunity in more detail.

Go here for more information.

Then, if it feels like a good fit, talk to someone on my team to fill in the gaps and answer your questions.

To your success,

Bob Proctor

Chairman & Co-Founder

Proctor Gallagher Institute

PS – If you’ve ever even thought you might like to join this industry – don’t talk yourself out of it … get more information.