Monthly Genius Mixtape

I love this “Monthly Mixtape” newsletter for two reasons: It gives YOU the chance to catch up on any of my “Mind Your Business” podcasts that you missed, and it allows ME to look back over the past month and see just how many incredible people I’ve been able to connect with.

This past April was a great one, with several must-listen episodes! Learning how-to rewrite your “money story” with the incredible Belinda Rosenblum. Creating great opportunities with the incomparable Eben Pagan. And, most recently, manifesting what you want for your life basically “out of thin air” with “The Manifestation Babe” Kathrin Zenkina. Plus so much more…

Episode 154 | From 7 to 8 Figures

Episode 155 | Using Your Intuition with Emily Aarons

Episode 156 | Making Time

Episode 157 | Rewriting Your Money Story with Belinda Rosenblum

Episode 158 | Creating Opportunity with Eben Pagan

Episode 159 | 3 Steps to Manifest ANYTHING with Kathrin Zenkina



P.S. While you are listening, take a screenshot of your phone, post it on Instagram, tag me and let me know what your biggest takeaway, lesson, or “Ah-ha” moment was. I would LOVE to.