Top 10 “Genius Up! Talk Quotes

1*Into you learn to mange your emotion, Don’t expect to mange money

2*No”don’t necessary mean NO!

3*I know information from lost times, I Met People With Gold Brains in Lost Minds!

4*You can Think & Grow poor or You can Think & Grow RICH!

5*Some people ask me “hey ain’t you the one who lost everything in a fire?” I say naw I didn’t lose everything, I still got me, and I made everything work! MAKE EVERYTHING WORK

6*You know how people lose touch with themselves, we’ll we hit them where it hurt……………….their brain

7*People be taking selfies and can’t even be themselves

8*You know how: people go through life losing touch with themselves, What we do is: We heal them where it’s hurt, their brain!

9*Helping build genius minds through the hearts of music”

10*helping people see their own reality clearly

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