About the FBT-Eminem Royalties

You already know that the music business is growing, and forecasted to grow further over the next decade.

But there are catalogs that are expected to outperform the music industry generally.

For instance, just look at the earnings derived from Royalty Flow’s proposed first acquisition, a portion of Eminem’s 1999 – 2013 sound recording catalog belonging to the rap superstar’s former producers—FBT Productions.

While the global music business grew 5.9% from 2015 to 2016, audited financials for this catalog show a 43% increase in earnings.

What’s more, it did so without introducing new music. So if new music wasn’t driving this growth, what did? The answer… streaming.

The FBT-Eminem catalog’s 2016 growth rate reflects a 76% increase in revenues generated by streaming services over the year prior. That’s significantly more than the 60% the worldwide music industry grew in the same timeframe.

In the month since Eminem released his new album, he went from being the 12th most-streamed artist on Spotify to the third. And while his new album is not included in this catalog, several of the songs that are included remain among the top five of his most-streamed tracks.

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