Rest In Loving And Respectful Peace to Whitney Yodania Zuniga Who Lost her personal battle To Heart Disease!

Good Evening,

Our big sister, Whitney Yodania Zuniga (Born February 1, 1988) passed the morning of Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

We’re sorry we haven’t been able to answer everyone’s calls and texts. Thank you to all who have reached out to us. We’re still in the process of preparing her service and funeral.

For those who are interested in saying their final goodbyes to Whitney, we will be posting information on her service and funeral as soon as possible.

A BIG thank you to Paula 💝 for creating a gofundme account for Whitney’s funeral expenses.

For those that would like to donate, please see the link attached:

Once again thank you and God Bless.


Hello Facebook friends and family,

As of now the we have the following planned for Whitney’s services.

There will be two different services held for Whitney.

The first is the Funeral/ Viewing service which will give all loved ones an opportunity to grieve.

The second is the burial ceremony in which her body will be laid to rest.

As proper etiquette, please no photos at the services.

What: The 1st Service: Funeral Service/Viewing

When: Friday, March 23, 2018 from 4PM to 9PM

Where: Miller Funeral & Cremation Services

7723 Beechnut St. Houston, TX 77074

Dress code: Come as you please. A suit and tie, heels, etc. are not required.

(To clarify it is being held from 4PM-9PM to give everyone an opportunity to pay their last respects. Also, if there are any personal belongings you would like for Whitney to hold on to, feel free to bring them and they will be placed in her casket after the viewing.)

What: The 2nd Service: Whitney’s Burial Ceremony

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 11:30AM

Where: Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery

12800 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77077

Dress code: Please come in your choice of a white or pink shirt and you’re welcome to wear the bottoms of your choice. (Yes, jeans are welcome)

If you could, please avoid wearing the typical all black.

(The ceremony will consist of a few prayers, lowering of the casket, and final goodbyes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to give yourself enough time to park, make it to the site, etc. We will begin promptly at 11:30AM.)

Again, kindly requesting NO PICTURES at the services.

Thank you everyone and God bless.


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