Article: Genius Up! Talk “What Cause Cancer Cells & How The Disease Cell Genially Grow In The Mind, Body & Soul. By KENDALL PRESCOD of EMPIRE GENIUS

Hi my Name is Kendall Prescod, and I’m am the CEO Of a well developed, well Different Genius personality’s, personal development, self help company. We have been at all level Of learning while earning genius topic & subjects. Dealing from, Healthcare, Personal Development, SelfHelp Genius Music and many more. And have been side to side, up and down, even round and round in our own personal minds body & Soul. This teaching while learning the skill to deeply heal, just like raw beef, turkey etc, pieces of meat turn onto a home felt cook meal. Which have help other, in and around, our self help, self made company, rebuild a Genius Reality For Themselves and others around them. Personal or business my company call EMPIRE GENIUS on a help you, help me help us type of understanding, while truly comprehending will deliver I like to talk about how our genius study and belief of one of our top 10 Most talk about healthcare disease, Cancer. The Cancer topic in my belief and as the ceo Of the company have been studding for many years on day to day, Minds to Minds, Heart to Heart Personal experiences with people from around and their understanding while comprehending experiences with dealing and battle with this Great deadly disease call cancer! As we go on, I like to make a statement, disclaimer or whatever fit you on what I about to write here! That is “My Truth, is My Truth, my facts are my facts and that my opinion I have of that, just like vise verse! After having experience head trauma to the head and many life threatening problems dealing with a disease of my own with I developed later in my life mind time line, call seizure, with in it own deserves it on article-of the topic of the most top and to watch out studying of diseases and what truly the causes of them. While reading this article, you may come among many run on sentences or even paragraphs on my belief of “How Do Cancers Cells Really Truly Genially Develop In A Person And How These Deadly Cells Diseases Can Continually Grow In A Person!” All Depending On where that individual is or are at natural in their thinking and at their emotions lifeline lifetime mind! All base on Their Thinking & Feeling and how much are their truly incline or decline in order starting with the MIND, BODY & SOUL of the Spirit! Again This is just my two Sense, and my two sense have made the most great, genius, beautiful, GOD felt transformational of loving change for me and also have great impact on my family & friends depending on their connections with 3, Me, Myself, & I of Themselves and their connection with GOD. By the studying of the connection with MIND, BODY & SOUL and itself connection with God maybe the cause for them and many more name and yet to be discovered studied unnamed healthcare diseases of our generations and timeline with regards to all the people’s who suffering with this pain. But Remember “No Pain, No Gain!” Even while making this statement to others who I have met, meet ‘ greeted rather I knew or didn’t know them, at times in my lifeline time-mind, have followed back with

causes and it’s defecti