Official Album Release : “Minds Against Minds” By GeniusMan On 3/23/2018 Present By EMPIRE GENIUS RECORDS

Minds Against Minds By GeniusMan”

Album Title Playlists:

1.Minds Against Minds! By GeniusMan

2.Geniusmare Mindset! By GeniusMan

3.Anger & Missing Heart! By GeniusMan

4.Life a Movie! By GeniusMan 

5.Where They Do That At! By GeniusMan 

6.Believe & Receive! By GeniusMan

7.There Great! By GeniusMan 

8.Thank God He Got You! By GeniusMan 

9.Real Genius Shit! By GeniusMan

10.Genius Up! By GeniusMan

11.I Already know! By GeniusMan

12.Think About Bring About! By GeniusMan

13.Genius & Dummies! By GeniusMan

14.If The World Watchin! By GeniusMan

15.Genius real quick! By GeniusMan

Thanks & Enjoy The Genius Music and support the GENIUS MOVEMENT!

Publishing Sincerely, @EMPIREGENIUS

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Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


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