“People Rebuilding A Genius Reality For Themselves”

What’s Genius? EMPIRE GENIUS is the first genius personal development music company where we didn’t Just go looking for Genius, We Help Create Them! You know how people go through life losing touch with themselves? Well what we do at Empire Genius is we heal them where it hurt, their MINDS! We at EMPIRE GENIUS go out our minds to learn genius information from around the world dealing with our lives. Creating products like music, genius clothing line with genius message, self-help products and services, which will allow the people who listen to our music and comprehend our services see and fall In love with their own reality all over again. Empire Genius will help the minds of the listener and reader get back on track of their own reality by delivering new genius information on a mind to mind, heart to heart basic about improving our lives and those around us. All while maintain a clear mind and high level of self-respect for themselves and other around them, on the road to building genius reality for themselves!
 While also Believing that when a person change the way they look at things in life, then that when the things in life start to change right before that Person eyes. Be ware! We here at Empire Genius is acting under the influence of human nature. Helping teach the people who develop and establishment a clear, central purpose or goal in life is the starting point of all success. That being said, there are only two mistakes a person can make on the road to truth, Not going all the way, not starting at all. Because by training and managing your own mind is the most important skill a person could ever own, in term of both happiness and success. Genius Up: What you feel now is what you attract! Sincerely,  CEO K.PRESCOD @EMPIREGENIUS