Visit These Great Platforms Links For Genius Music

*Visit These Great Links to these Site to listen, Stream, Download, & Buy our Music Here At EMPIRE GENIUS (*iTunes, *Google Play, *Tidal *Number One Music, *Spotify, *SoundCloud, *DatPiff, *Pandora, *Jango *etc) Please Share!

*Number One Music: EMPIRE GENIUS MUSICListen For Free? Click 

1*iTunes: “Genius & Dummies” by GeniusMan

*iTunes Streaming: “Genius&Dummies” http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1117489606

2*iTunes: “Don’t Judge Books By Cover!” by GeniusMan

3*Google Play: “Don’t Judge Books By Its Cover!” by GeniusMan

4*Number One Music: “Don’t Judge Book By Cover” by GeniusMan

5*iTunes: “Everything’s Great!” Mixtape ft DaGreat, GeniusMan, Rome C, Kendro, Marco, Suga Ray and More

6*Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/empiregeniusrecords

Album Comings Soon!: * “Minds Against Minds” by GeniusMan 

Album Title List:
1. #Minds Against Minds!
2. #Geniusmare Mindset!
3. #Anger & Missing Heart!
4. #Life a Movie
5. #Where They Do That At!
6. #Believe & Receive!
7. #There Great!
8. #Thank God He Got You!
9. #Real Genius Shit
10. #Genius Up
11. #I Already know!
12. #Think About Bring About!
13. #Genius & Dummies
14. #If The World Watchin!
15. #Genius real quick!

More Sites To Find Our Music Coming Soon!

Thanks & Enjoy The Music and support the GENIUS MOVEMENT!




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