Owner & Founder of EMPIRE GENIUS speaks!

My name is Kendall Prescod, my business is called Empire Genius. In which I am the CEO and Founder of. I started up this genius endeavour a few years ago with the sole intention of becoming a great motivational speaker and builder of great minds. I wanted to create a platform where people all around the world can gather from all walks of life and share ideas or touch basis with proven methods to improve a person thought process to ensure a greater life. I’m based in Houston with expansion on the horizon, because I’ve always witnessed the demand for uplifting a person’s mind to elevate beyond their current state and wildest dreams. One reason is that the world hides information and wants you to be the same, following rules that are not meant for you. Thus; with the knowledge I have gathered over the years, I committed myself to betterment of the people; through opening the blinds of their mind. I was raised with limitations set upon my life an Ivowed to never let another person be setback by their mind or circumstances that might be detrimental to progress. Being in touch with the Trinity can propel anyone to great heights, once you distinguish the fake from the true all worry a doubt that might plague your life will fade away, then u will soar like never before… 


C.E.O, Kendall Prescod