GeniusMan Hope To Sign $30 million Recording Deal With, EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC!

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HipHop Artist GeniusMan who sign to the label, EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC, Plan to sign a 5 year multi million deal with EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC Records company. It state that we will be responsible for release 5 album in 10 years. GeniusMan born Kendall Prescod who was born in Houston Texas, where he live all his life and is also home of some of the greatest MC/rapper of all time.He been sign to EMPIRE GENIUS MUSIC since 2006 and have release a 13 track Mixtape “EVERYTHING’S GREAT” with some great artists in his home town of Houston Tx, while putting out 2 ssingle, “Genius & Dummies” and “Don’t Judge Books By Cover!” which are both hot tracks playing around the internet. His career goal is to, help people change the way they look at things in life through Music, so the things in life start to change for the better for them people with the art touch of music. Using created genius music to build greater genius minds, hearts and souls around the music world. His inspiration to be a music artist stemmed from world events. World event that was change through music from some of the greatest MC of all time. MC like 2 PAC, Biggie, Jay z, lil Wayne, Jeezy and many more, etc. These great rapper was teaching him one great thing. That Is. When you help people get to where they need to go in life with genius information, people will always help you get to where you need to be in life. But a lot of people don’t know where they want to go in life, and it will sometime prolong a person like him need to be in life. So with his great genius lyrics of words, he  doing the same thing but greater through the hearts of music. His music is to help with the mental part of life. So people can have a better understanding about their life and the world around them. "Genius And Dummies" By GeniusManHis music take on all subject about life and a person. Mind. GeniusMan music dream purpose is to make a huge difference in the world around him. Helping build greater smart minds because through it many lives can be put back on track. Kids growing up will know that one day they will take over as some of the future leader of this world, starting from right NOW with having a great genius mind. All of GeniusMan music help the brain get to a great place. To build genius minds for a better life for our kids and the people living this earth. Showing that if a person knew genius their do genius. Thanks and Enjoy!


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